Polartec Fabric Purchased

I finally stopped dithering and just ordered some fleece fabric from Malden Mills. They carry overruns of the Polartec fabric. So it's polartec brand fabric, but they can't market it as such. Since I'm not reselling, I don't care. And their price is right-- I'm glad my friend who makes baby diapers sent me the link to this site. She says the polartec fabric is the best for diapers because it wicks moisture away from the baby's skin and is easy to clean. I've been pretty impressed with the performance of the diapers she made for Max, so I'll give it a try.

I got both the stretch fleece and the regular microfleece. I'll give them both a try when they arrive. I guess now I've got some incentive to make some fitted diapers out of my cheap fleece until I'm sure what style and size I want to use.

Based on the covers I've made, I think I want the leg holes to be a little smaller, and the waist to be a little larger than the standard patterns call for. Because like W, M so far is long and lean with skinny little legs, but is still a little big for his age, weight-wise. I'm not sure exactly how to alter the pattern to get the leg holes smaller without increasing the amount of fabric at the crotch, but I'll figure it out. At least diapers are so quick to make it doesn't take long to go through several iterations and even see what is working and not through actual use.