MIL to Cover For Nanny

What a stroke of luck! Both T and I had forgotten that W's afternoon nanny is going to Canada for a week and a half later this month. He was going to get another sitter to fill in while she's gone, but I just checked the calendar, and during part of MA's absence T's mother will be visiting! How convenient is that!

And after she leaves, I proposed to T that maybe we could go visit MY parents for a few days (pending their approval) after that. That way he'll never be responsible for watching W all day for more than just one or two days in a row, and besides I can take both boys for half days as long as it's not too many days in a row.

In the fall, W will be old enough to qualify for many preschool programs (2.5 years old). If I can't handle both boys most days once MA goes back to school, we may consider putting W in some program a few mornings per week. More for T & my benefit than for W's, but being away from his parents for a few hours a week will hopefully be fine for him, if it's necessary. Although personally I'd rather avoid doing that, since he's a pretty healthy little kid when he only sees his local playmates, and I don't want to deal with more colds in the house than necessary. Plus, I watched him count out loud to TEN this afternoon. He was counting the trick-or-treaters on a page in one of his books, and he systematically pointed to each one and counted aloud from one to ten with both T and I looking on in amazement.

Of course, when I got the camera to make a video, he was back to making mistakes and losing interest halfway through the count, but T and I are still impressed that he did it himself once. Not having vast exposure to other kids, it might not be that big a deal that a 2-year-old can count to ten, but since we don't know any better, don't burst our bubble. He can also read a few words (I forgot if I've already posted about this). I am NOT teaching him these things, so his 15-year-old babysitter must be doing a good job! She certainly has a lot of patience and interacts with him more than T or I tend to do. She sits and colors with him, and plays with him, and reads him endless books. I just take him shopping and let him watch me play videogames. Parenting at its finest, I know, I know. But the kid'll be fine. He won't even remember what he was doing when he was 2, right?