Unsightly Baby

M is going through an unsightly phase-- he's got baby acne all over his face, cradle cap, and his baby hair is falling out.

The cradle cap (essentially severe baby dandruff if you're unfamiliar with the term) is easy enough to deal with-- I gently rub off the flakes with my fingers while M nurses or sleeps. Of course, the flakes get all over everything. Sometimes I try to gather them together to dispose of them, but other times it's not possible. It depends on the size of the flakes that come off his scalp.

His hairline has receded back to his ears (meaning the top of his head is bald from the imaginary line running over his scalp between each ear through his forehead).

There are some very fine new hairs growing in above his forehead. They seem to be blond, but really I think they are too fine to tell for sure. I have a feeling that M is going to look bald for some time after his baby hair falls out.

I think M has given me some gray hairs. It's a little hard to tell if I'm just seeing blond hair or gray since I'm not inclined to scrutinize it when I'm in front of a mirror. It's just a sense that I have when I brush my hair in the morning that there is a slightly gray cast in some highlights instead of golden. I'm not thrilled about this, but if it's really gray, I can at least feel good that I've made it this far in life before having to deal with that. Lots of women I know starting going gray in their 20s.