Ordered Birth Announcements

I finally ordered Max's birth announcements. It's later than I had hoped; they won't go out until he's nearly six weeks old. But I was having problems finding a photo to use.

So I just chose the best one I could find-- M's eyes are closed, but that'll have to do. Any photos I had where he was looking into the camera were slightly off focus when viewed at print size (although they look ok on a computer), and I just didn't care for the ones with his eyes open but looking off in some other direction. So eyes closed it is. It's the image of him in his cradle, so he's supposed to be sleeping anyway. . .

Had I known I would run into this problem, I would have taken more photos myself when he was younger so I'd have a better one for the announcement. But I thought it was taken care of. C'est la vie. I've made my decision and am moving on. I would also have preferred to use one I hadn't already posted to facebook and online, but again, I don't know what happened to the photos I thought I'd be able to choose from. I haven't heard from the photographer in almost two weeks, so I gave up waiting and ordered the cards.