Another Rookie Mom Mistake-- Onions!

I was making a french onion tart this morning, simultaneous with watching both W and M. Max was no problem, since I could wear him in the moby wrap and he didn't fuss. W wasn't entirely pleased that he had to stay in the house with his mama instead of going outside to mow the grass with daddy.

I got W interested in what I was cooking by giving him a bit of the pastry dough to taste, then some bacon. I looked around for some prep work he could actually help with (that didn't involve the stove or knives or other sharp blades) and saw, "aha! he could peel the onions for me".

I gave him half an onion and put the compost dish on the floor, and showed him how to peel the skin and put it in the dish. W started work diligently and focused his little self on peeling the onion.

But it only took a few minutes of that before he was crying and rubbing his eyes with his onion-y hands when I realized my mistake. Peeling onions can make you cry, and a toddler of course doesn't know to breathe through his mouth instead of his nose to prevent that. Come to think of it, I'm not even sure W would be able to breathe only through his mouth for any length of time.

As soon as I realized my mistake, I grabbed him off the floor and ran to the bathroom where we washed his hands and I wiped his eyes with a clean cloth. Crisis over. Lesson learned. Although now I do wonder how long it will be until W can peel onions safely-- it would actually be something he could help with at most every meal once he could manage it.