Two Grandmas in One Week

I haven't posted in a while since we've had a busy week. Grandma Thorsen left early Monday afternoon, Cate rolled in late Monday afternoon, and we left to visit Grandma Waters early Thursday afternoon. And we just got home around 3pm today.

Now we get a little break before we have another house full of people for M's baptism next weekend, and then the week after that some friends from NYC will hopefully come down for a visit with their kids. Having houseguests like this all summer has been a nice alternative to taking a vacation. I'm able to stay at home with M and accommodate his schedule yet still socialize with friends.

I added a few new photos to Max's album. He's six weeks old now, and started smiling Monday the 25th. That was the first day I was able to see both his dimples! Very cute!

I got all the out-of-town announcements mailed, I should be able to get the Crozet ones in the mail on Monday. Tomorrow I'll search in earnest to see if I can find any remnants of the fabric I used for W's baptism gown to see if I have enough for Max's gown, too. Even if I have just enough for the bodice part I'll go ahead and get started sewing that, the skirt is added on at the end. W's bodice and skirt are made from two different fabrics, so I figure M's probably will be, too. Fortunately W's babysitter is back on the job again on Monday, so I'll have afternoons somewhat free (there is still M to mind) to sew. Although it might be easier in the evenings after both kids are asleep.