Laundry Nirvana In Sight

To me, laundry nirvana is the absence of dirty laundry. In my house, it's a very rare state indeed, when there is no dirty laundry anywhere. It can only happen when I have a productive laundry day and get ALL the laundry done.

Today just might be that day. I might be jinxing it by just writing about it, but we'll see. I still have two loads to go, but I plan on sewing up M's baptism gown tonight, and so will be near the laundry room and able to hear when the washer and dryer are done after each load so I'm hopeful that I will finish tonight without getting distracted and forgetting about wet clothes.

Two loads to go? You might wonder how many I've done so far. Used to be I could do all of T's and my laundry in three loads a week (warm water, cold water, hot water). I'm actually not sure how many loads I have per week anymore. We do one load of diapers per day for sure. I'd guess maybe six or seven loads of other stuff on top of that weekly. If I finish all the laundry tonight maybe I'll keep a tally for the coming week, I'm curious now. It might be more than I think, I'm just so used to doing laundry seemingly constantly that I underestimate since I try not to let an entire week's worth pile up. I bet if I did it would fill the laundry past capacity so we wouldn't be able to walk through there. I no longer have to worry about the laundry falling from the chute onto my head like in the bad old days, but not being able to open the door to the room because stacks of dirty laundry fell over in the night is just as bad.

I know reading about me doing laundry is not scintillating stuff, but my life is pretty dull right now.

However, as a teaser, I'll let you know that I helped W build a rocket ship this morning. If I finish sewing the gown, I'll post photos. No guarantee that will be tonight, and I'm afraid the baptism gown must get priority, but the future appearance of the rocket ship photos will give you something to look forward to, no?