Max's Gown

I finished Max's baptism gown tonight. It's a little later than I had hoped to finish (originally scheduled to be done Wednesday or Thursday), but given my family history I am triumphant to be done over 24 hours before it needs to be worn (my mother and one of my sisters are famous for staying up all night before an event finishing up their projects).

I might have been done earlier if it weren't for the crazy fabric mix-up. I thought I had found the fabric remnant left over from when I made W's gown, and took the cloth to the local fabric shop to try to match it because I didn't have enough left for the skirt part of the gown.

I had all the pieces for the bodice cut when I started digging around my sewing room looking for the interfacing I used for W's gown. I didn't find the proper interfacing, but I did find the original fabric. So I don't know what exactly I wound up using for M's bodice. Just some white fabric.

This troubled me, since I had gone to some effort with W's gown to make sure it was archival and heirloom-quality. I researched how to do this, and the main thing is to be sure all the fabric is the same, and all natural material. So I went with 100% cotton. I even found some cotton ribbon for trim, and because the fabric store didn't have it in white anymore I used some cotton lace instead to be sure I had cotton. And I got all-cotton thread, too.

But now I'm not sure if the bodice is made of 100% cotton or not! Also, since I didn't find the interfacing I was sure was cotton, I used some other interfacing which may or may not be cotton itself. For about two minutes after I discovered my error with the fabric, I contemplated starting the project over with the right fabric. But I decided that I just wouldn't have time for that. If it's not archival, it's not archival. If it's gotten yellowed and icky by the time Max is an adult and I'm still around, I'll make him a new one to use for his own children if he wants. But I suspect it'll still be fine 30 years from now. W's should be good for 80 years at least, though.

I did wind up cutting the lining from the cotton remnant because this mystery fabric wound up being a tad more sheer than I wanted. But the thicker more opaque white lining makes it look fine.

Overall I'm reasonably happy with how the gown turned out. It's not perfect, but it looks good (I held both W's and M's up for T to admire, and he thought that M's looks better). And now I have time to prepare the rest of the house and food before my guests start arriving without having to worry about finishing up the gown, since it's done.