Whirlwind Weekend

Whew! We just had a fun weekend! After finishing M's gown on Friday night, I spent Saturday morning and early afternoon cooking while T neatened up the house and yard.

Three friends arrived Saturday afternoon to stay one night, and I finished up my cooking soon after they arrived so we could all hang out and relax on Saturday night.

This morning we all got up in plenty of time to have a relaxed morning and sit-down breakfast before getting ready to go to church for M's baptism.

That went well-- M was certainly the quietest baby of the three at the service (I think that being the youngest helped). M looks so cute, this is just how I imagined life would be with two kids-- DOUBLE the amount of cuteness in the house. Sometimes I feel like I could just explode (in a good way!) from absorbing so much cuteness.

My sister and her kids, my brother, and parents met us at the church, and everyone came back to the house for the post-baptism party. M's Godparents had to leave in the late afternoon, followed by my family then Cate, so it was after 5pm before the house emptied out again. T and I really enjoy having guests, but we're always surprised by how tired we are when everything is quiet again.

I suspect it was the physical exertion of getting everything ready on Friday and Saturday that is just now catching up with us, since we didn't do anything terribly strenuous once people arrived. But we will probably be able to fall asleep early tonight!

We're hopeful that some friends of ours can come down from NYC to visit us next week. This summer we've tried to lure people to visit us so we wouldn't have to travel with a baby and toddler, and so far the strategy has been fun and successful. We'll probably continue this strategy through fall. I don't think I want to attempt any distance travel until M can drink regular milk at one year old. I've done the whole pull-off-the-highway-to-nurse bit and having given it a try, I deem it not worth it unless there is some *emergency* for which you *must* travel. But I'm not going to make a long trip with a nursing infant for FUN anymore. Especially not with a toddler strapped into a car seat next to him.

So we don't have any guests yet lined up for the fall Foxfield weekend (the race is the last Sunday in September), and we're looking to remedy this condition. So give us a call if you want to come and go to the races. The weather then is usually really lovely here. . .