Major Toothache

My toothache actually started last Wednesday. On Thursday a piece chipped off my tooth, and the pain went away (I think where it was cracked was pinching my gum or something). I was fine for a day or two, but yesterday it started hurting again. Fortunately, I had called for a dentist appointment after the chip fell out on Thursday, so I went in today at 2pm.

I figured the dentist would just take a look, poke around a bit, and pronounce my tooth fine for now. Not so much. He took a look and immediately said I need a crown, and if I had 30 minutes to spare he'd drill out the bad tooth today. I had just fed M before my appointment, so I figured now was as good a time as any.

Of course, the mild and minor pain I had been experiencing has now blown out into a full-out major toothache. The anesthetic is wearing off and although I did take some acetaminophen when I got home it really doesn't seem to be helping much. My whole jaw is sore. @#$@#$ dentists. I never minded going to the dentist when my teeth were good, but in the past few years I've needed so many caps and crowns and even a root canal that I can see why people dread going to the dentist. The pain in my mouth is definitely worse than it was when I went in there.

Intellectually I know I'll be better off with the bad tooth drilled out and replaced, but it is hard for me to focus on that while I am lying here in pain. I think rather than waiting until the kids are in bed before I have a few drinks to relax, I'll just start now. Well, it's time to feed M again, so I'll nurse him and then mix myself a stiff cocktail. No reason to power through; if I remember correctly it's the first few hours after the drilling that are the worst, then things calm down in there. So a little happy hour to take the edge off seems to be in order, and I'll hopefully feel better tonight.