So Many Presents!

I hadn't expected to get many presents for Max, especially since he was a second son (as opposed to a first son or daughter), but my goodness, they have been piling up!

Since T hopelessly mixed up presents W got for his birthday which made sending thank-you notes problematic, I instituted a new policy that no boxes will be opened until I (or in theory, T, but that's not likely to happen) are ready to write a thank-you note on the spot, or soon thereafter at any rate.

Since I wanted to stay focused last week on finishing M's gown and prepping for houseguests, I did not open any of the packages we received, I just stacked them in their shipping boxes upstairs.

But tonight after W was in bed (it is also problematic to open boxes with him around since he wants to just grab everything immediately whether it is for him or not) I opened presents. What fun! AND I finished all the thank-you notes!

I actually think a few more things arrived in the mail today, but I'm just working through the backlog. I'm ready to rest now and take a break from writing notes, so anything else will have to wait until tomorrow or later.

BTW, I mixed myself a very berry cocktail this afternoon (I use the "very berry" flavor juice box with a double-shot of vodka over ice) and that did work to take my mind off the tooth pain. It doesn't feel too bad now, I should be able to sleep tonight. I still can't chew very well, so am glad I had a big lunch before the appointment. I've been subsisting on banana bread and deviled eggs since then, which has been fine since they are sufficiently soft.