W Loves the Ice Cream Book

My mother got me this ice cream cookbook for my birthday, but I haven't had a chance to try any of the recipes yet. But someone in my family has already gotten lots of use out of it.

It was on the chair in my room, and when T told W to go get a book to read before bedtime a few days ago, W ran over and got the ice cream cookbook. So they sat down and read it. I was right next to them at the time, nursing Max, so I got to observe their "reading" of the book.

When I read a cookbook, I don't do it front-to-back or all at once. I pick it up, select a recipe I might be interested in making, read it all the way through, then make a decision about whether I will actually make it or not.

But when T and W read the cookbook, W turned the pages and pointed to whatever delicious color photo of ice cream struck his fancy and asked, "What's that?", and T would read to him the title of the recipe in response. It was more a litany of ice cream flavors than a story, but neither T nor W seemed to mind. The photos of the ice cream are really mouth-watering, and seem designed to make you really want to put forth all the effort required to make the ice creams described.

This isn't a book review, since I haven't tried any of the recipes yet, but jeni's splendid process is way more complicated than other recipes for making ice cream at home. But judging from the online reviews from people who have already worked their way through the book, the results are worth the effort. I still have some other ice cream in my freezer at the moment, so I'll wait until that is gone before attempting any more, and since I'm on a diet that might be some time. But I will surely post a review when I get around to it.

But in the meantime, I'm happy to let my boys "read" the cookbook and fantasize about the future. After W's bath today, he ran in shouting, "ice cream book ice cream book" and brought it into his room for his bedtime "story". I just think it is so cute that I had to share.