Disaster Doctor Appointment

I took W to his 2-yr doctor's appointment this afternoon. Let me tell you, he was NOT happy about that. Before we went into the building, I took a few minutes to sit with him on the rocking chairs they have out front, since we were early. He was fine.

We checked in, and I was able to keep him happy near me in the waiting room (without touching anything, even). Even walking down the hall toward the exams rooms was fine, but once the exam room area was in sight, W started freaking out.

I wonder if he remembered his last appointment when he got shots? It was about 10 months ago, I wouldn't have thought he'd remember. But whether he remembered or not, he did NOT like being in the exam room today.

He was screaming like a banshee from the moment we walked toward them. He stopped screaming and crying long enough to step on the scale and get weighed (31.2 lbs) and measured (36.25 inches), but resumed screaming and crying as soon as those tasks were accomplished.

When we were in the room, he'd do the same thing-- scream and cry until I told him to sit up or sit still or whatever so the nurse could take his temperature and he'd stop crying, focus, and let her do whatever, but when she was done with the procedure he'd start back up again.

The doctor waited until I had W calmed down a bit before he came in himself. But then W promptly started carrying on again. It took several minutes to calm him down. And even after he was calm, he kept pointing to the door and saying, "go out that way" and "all done". For example, the doctor would ask him to point to his nose, and W would comply, then say "go out" pointing to the door, and then when we didn't leave he'd turn to me and start crying. Then the doctor would ask him another question and he'd stop crying long enough to answer, then again point to the door and say, "go out that way" but when the doctor and I ignored him (or I'd say we'll go out that way in a little while) he'd burst into tears again.

This is apparently not normal behavior for a doctor's appointment. I mentioned that we thought he might have inherited T's social phobia. Our doctor said his wife works at UVA and he'd ask her if there's any latest protocol for working with kids like this. In the meantime, he recommended we continue what we've already been doing-- if he freaks out somewhere, we don't make him go there. Of course, the doctor's appointment was an exception.

The doctor did ask if I wanted to bring him back another day for his shots, but I nixed that idea. I didn't think he'd behave better any other day, and I'd rather he be freaked out and upset as few times as possible.

I go back with Max tomorrow. I predict it will be a far less traumatic event, even though the baby will be getting shots, too.