Hundreds of Deer Ticks

T's latest parenting faux pas was on par with his genius idea to let a 3-month-old baby play in the poison ivy. Today he let W play in the tall grass at S's house.

After T gave W a bath tonight, he brought the boy into our bathroom and lay him naked on the changing table, and said, "What do you think this is?" because W had little black spots all over his body.

Hundreds of tiny deer ticks, that's what it was. I spent the next half hour to 45 minutes (I didn't look at the clock) trying to scrape the ticks off as gently as I could with him screaming and writhing around, and then using masking tape to gather all the detached ticks.

It was a pretty horrifying experience. T is no longer allowed to take W to S's house-- he'll have to meet his friend in town somewhere, or at the very least only let W play inside. Bonehead.

Although we live on a farm, too, this is one of the reasons we added so much new recreational landscaping. A field is NO PLACE for a young child to play.