Max and His Foot

Grrr. I had a really long post written about all my postpartum nesting activities, but before I could finish it, Max kicked my laptop keyboard and hit some combination of keys that made it all disappear. Yesterday he kicked something that caused a half-finished email to be sent. He is on my left side, so he's not hitting the delete or enter keys, so I don't know how he's doing it. But it's REALLY ANNOYING.

So here's a SHORT post of my postpartum nesting activities:

  • sanded, primed, and test-painted the front door (not yet sure of the final color, must live with the test a few days to determine if it's a keeper)
  • hung the tire swing from the tree in Maple Shade Park (still need some specific hardware to make it long-term durable, but it's fine for now)
  • finished all the laundry, and started to go through the six-foot stack of towels to organize that (I may explain later, this was part of the longer post that got deleted)
  • organized the drawer in the cutting table in my sewing room
  • got extension cords so I can install anti-tip hardware on bedroom furniture
  • got photo frames for the bedroom so I'll have some on both sides of the closet door for a better visual balance