Door Painted, but New Shutters?

T and I decided to go with the BM color "Mysterious" for the front door and window shutters. He picked up a gallon in semi-gloss so I could finish painting the door (and have plenty left over for all the shutters).

But he wasn't keen on me starting the process of painting the shutters, since he mentioned that he wanted to make real wood shutters for the windows to replace our vinyl shutters.

I told him I was aware of his plan, but wondered what year he planned on making the shutters (since he first mentioned this several years ago), because if it's several years out I'd just as soon paint the existing shutters now.

But he told me he could make the first set of shutters tomorrow. Wow. He's on a real home-improvement tear since his computer got corrupted. Yesterday he finally leveled the spot and built a wooden platform for W's playhouse out by the park and assembled the thing so W can finally play in it, after months of it sitting disassembled in the front yard. Today he's making the toy shelves for the downstairs play room that I requested (and frankly thought he'd have finished) for W's birthday back in April.

I wonder now if I'll be able to enforce a "no-computer week" each month. If T would just stop @#$# around all day in his studio on the computer, then we could really make some progress with all the things that need to be done to make the house and farm nice. I'd be happy to go along with that, too. And it needn't be draconian, just no computer use until after the kids are in bed. So all day we have to work on real-life physical projects.

And if he's working on his music, he can still play and record (he has a portable digital recorder), he just can't be fiddling with production at his computer during the day. I'm liking this idea more and more. I don't think it would be a huge deal for me, I'm usually only online during the day when the boys are napping, and it wouldn't be a hardship to do something else during that hour.

But I have my doubts that I'll actually see any new shutters tomorrow. Although I would welcome this if it happened.