Max's Months 1 and 2

To my dismay, when I went to fill out Max's baby book with all his information for the first two months, I discovered that the book doesn't gather info in the same way as William's book. But at this point I'd feel a little guilty if I don't supply Max with a month-to-month recap of his first year, since I've got that for his brother (well, it's nearly done at any rate, there are still some gaps in W's baby book I've got to fill in).

So I'll just blog the info. I figure I'll save this blog for posterity, like a diary, so the kids can read it when they are older. If they wanted to, they could just go online and read it as soon as they were capable, but I somehow doubt that would interest them. What 6-year-old cares that much about laundry (or at all for that matter?)? But when they are adults, perhaps they'll be curious about their mother's life before they were born and when they were little.

But back to Max.

Month 1: June 18-July 17

Max was a very mature baby from the start, having stayed in the womb through 42 1/2 weeks. He nursed well from his very first day. We stayed at home for most of his first month, but we did go out for the fireworks the night of July 4th. This was Max's first real outing, and we went to Crozet Park. Max slept through half the show, but then seemed to be interested in the fireworks when he woke up.

Max was a very alert baby, and would stay up for four to five hours at a time without taking a nap-- except at night, when he would be up every hour or two. We eventually worked that out so he'd take more regular and shorter naps during the day so he wouldn't be up excessively overnight.

Max was very strong, he had good head control from very early.

Max liked to be held all the time. He would cry if he was left alone for even a little while. Fortunately, I enjoyed holding him all the time, so this was fine.

Month 2: July 18-Aug 17

This month Max began to voluntarily smile (July 25th), which is when we could see both his dimples at once! He found his hands on August 8th, and his feet on the 17th. He used a public toilet for the first time after Mass on August 14th. He was baptized on August 7th.

He also began to coo more. He would coo most when we put him in a baby chair with a cow and a pig hanging from the entertainment bar. He would stare at the cow and "talk" to it. On the one hand, it was a one-sided conversation since the cow didn't talk back, but on the other hand, Max would stop his cooing from time to time and just stare intently at the cow, as if he was receiving the cow's half of the conversation telepathically. I've never seen anything like it-- very interesting. Max doesn't do this with any other toy, just the dangling cow.

Max is a happy baby, always smiling and usually content. He still likes to be held, but now can be content in a baby chair or swing for a period of time. I take him out all the time, pretty much wherever I go.

He's been out to dinner, to the grocery store and other errands, and even to the nail salon and clothing stores (he quietly lay on a bench while I was trying on clothes).