No Earthquake Damage

That was pretty freaky-- there was a 5.9 magnitude earthquake centered about 50 miles east of us. Our whole house shook, a LOT. We didn't realize it was an earthquake at first; I admit when the shaking intensified I sent T running upstairs, yelling, "turn the washer OFF!!" and thinking, "what the @#$# did he put in there to get it SO unbalanced?".

But the house was still shaking when he returned downstairs (the washer and dryer weren't even on) and when T noticed that the canopy of the sandbox outside was shaking then he knew it was an earthquake.

I've felt several earthquakes in my life so far, but nothing like THIS. The shaking lasted over a minute. How much longer, I don't know, I wasn't timing it. Might have been a few minutes, who knows? I'm sure it will be on the news.

The only thing we can tell happened to the house was that my dresser drawers all opened up. The dam for the pond is fine. We never lost phone or power.

So much for that bit of excitement today, back to our regular schedule. I'm about to take the kids out to the park and grocery store, I don't see any reason to change our plans.