Carole King Theme Song Day

Got me some Carole King going through my head after feeling the second earthquake of the day:

I feel the earth move under my feet. . .

I was pretty freaked out during the first quake when I thought the washer was going to vibrate its way through the ceiling and come crashing down to the first floor, but once we realized it was "just" an earthquake, Terry and I were more bemused than anything.

We both walked to stand under a doorway since we'd heard they were the most stable places to be, but then I looked up and remembered we have glass transoms over all the doorways on the first floor. So I told T I thought maybe we should go outside instead. But by the time we had sauntered over to get Max out of his stroller in the dining room (where he had slept through the whole thing), it was all over.

I had heard that animals can predict earthquakes, so once outside I looked around for the cats, but both Merlin and Fenway were calmly lounging in the shade of the Japanese maple tree, like nothing unusual had happened.

And I felt the second quake while I was reading a book, lying on the sofa on our back porch. I actually glanced at my watch for that one, I think it lasted about 10 seconds. It was way less intense. But I'm kind of digging the whole earthquake thing for its novelty value.

Like T pointed out this evening over dinner (as I was recounting the news coverage I'd heard on the radio while driving the kids around this afternoon), how interesting is it that a huge earthquake hits an area that isn't really "prepared" for earthquakes like regions where quakes are common, and there are no fatalities or damages?

We were jokingly chiding William for being scared of natural events, like thunder, lightning, or earthquakes (when I asked him later what it was like, he said it was like a big truck, and put his hands on the imaginary steering wheel and started shaking). Next thing we know, he'll start claiming to be scared of little things like tornados, or floods, or hurricanes. Whatever, dude. Buck up. ;-)