Toddler More Destructive Than Earthquake

So there was a 6.0 magnitude earthquake with an epicenter about 50 miles east of our home. Although our whole house shook in an alarming way, the only lasting effect we've found so far was that my dresser drawers were open:

But the stuff strewn on the floor did not fall off any shelves because of the earthquake, it had been there since this morning when my two-year-old rummaged through my closet while I slept in.

When I first saw the open drawers when I went back upstairs this afternoon, I immediately thought of William and wondered when he had gotten back into my closet, because I thought I had kept a pretty good eye on him all day since I woke up (I can't see how I can be held responsible when he creeps in in the morning without waking me up. . .).

But then when I noticed that nothing had been removed from the open drawers, I realized it must have been the earthquake that rattled them open. It wouldn't be W's style to open drawers and not dump their contents (at least what he could reach near the front of the drawer. . .) onto the floor.

It was only later that I realized that the LACK of disruption caused by the earthquake therefore means that my toddler unleashes destruction worse than a major earthquake. Every single day.

That kind of puts the task of cleaning up after a toddler in perspective, now doesn't it? No wonder I can't keep up.