Max Started Giggling

With all the hubbub about the earthquake, I forgot to mention that I heard Max giggle for the first time last night!

I was having some quality mama-baby time, just face-to-face with him in the bed last night. I forgot what I was doing, I think he was cooing and I was just cooing back at him, and he giggled!

Then to be sure it was a giggle and not just cooing, I gobbled his belly. If he hadn't giggled a few seconds earlier, he certainly did then! He shrieked and giggled with pleasure!

I remember with W that nice little milestones like this were something I could latch onto to make caring for him more tolerable. But since it's been so easy for me to take care of Max to begin with, these little extras aren't just some little tokens to get me through the day, they're totally super-fun!

Tomorrow I'll try to see if I can entice W to try to get Max to laugh. It might cancel out the failed experiment we had today getting W to help hold M up.

Today, W said that he wanted to help M stand up, and climbed up on the bed to help me, but when I showed him how to put his hand under M's armpit, W started crying. I don't quite know what happened there, he was fine, and then suddenly started crying. Maybe W somehow felt too much responsibility? I certainly didn't need W to help out, he just seemed interested. W's a moody little guy since turning two, I never know what's going to make him burst into tears. Well, I know some things that surely will, but other things are unexpected. Like crying when I put his hand under his baby brother's armpit. Who'da thunk?