Thinking About A New Camera

When I was at the store today to pick up some milk, I caught myself examining the wares in the electronics section. I still haven't found my camera, and I guess my subconscious mind has been considering getting a new one.

I think this may be what my subconscious really wants, since I haven't really bothered to look for my camera for a few days now. I just keep expecting it to magically appear sometime as I go about my daily routine. Which is not unprecedented, it has happened this way before. But maybe my brain is giving me subconscious signals to NOT look for it, so that I can justify the purchase of a new camera while my old camera is still technically perfectly fine. Presumably perfectly fine, since it was fine when I lost it, but who knows if it's really still operational. Maybe it got tossed into the cat's water dish or something? Well I know it's not that specifically since I fill the bowl daily and would have found it. But something like that, you know?

Maybe this realization will cause me to actually search for it a little harder tonight or tomorrow. And if I don't find it after actually looking for it, then I'll feel a little more justified in just buying a new camera. If the old one turns up, it can become W's or T's camera.