Hurricane Preparedness

I hadn't really given too much thought to preparing for the hurricane since we're so far inland (and at a decent elevation) that no matter what hits the coast, we're usually fine locally.

But once I heard that NYC was having mandatory evacuations, I decided to perhaps take the hurricane a bit more seriously. NYC rarely shuts down for anything. And making people leave their apartments?!?! That's unheard of.

So I re-checked the forecast. We might be in for some 40mph winds, which while far from hurricane-strength, it's enough to blow things around, so I tasked T tonight to prepare the lawn furniture, etc. We can only fit one car in the garage, so the last thing we need is a heavy lawn chair or wheelbarrow or something flying through the windshield of one of the three cars we have parked outside.

While T was working outside, I was checking the pantry. I've got enough stuff that's edible at room-temperature to get us through a couple meals. I have even more stuff that is already cooked, and a quick toss in a pan over a camp stove will yield more regular meals.

I haven't done an official inventory, but just eyeballing the stuff in the fridge, pantry, and freezer (I still have some pre-cooked stuff left over from when I was preparing for post-pregnancy), there's enough to last several days.

And I have a full box of red that will be fine unchilled, so I'll save that for last. I've got a partial box of white in the fridge, so I'll finish that first. Then move on to finish the cold beers, if necessary. It might be more productive to just pull out the earplugs if W gets to screaming about the hurricane. He's afraid of thunder and lightning, so I hope the storm hits well after he's gone to bed, and he sleeps through it. That would be the best-case scenario, wouldn't it?

No, I think best-case would be that it doesn't really get stormy here at all. Just some rain for the plants.