Hurricane Bubbles!

I took the kids out for an early-morning shopping trip so T could finish up securing loose items in the yard and I could get a few things I forgot yesterday. Nothing important, just things I wanted. Like some decorative shelves to put up in the master bedroom and bath since we're inch by inch losing child-proof locations as W grows taller and his reach expands. I figure a 5' wall-mounted shelf should buy me a few more years.

When we got home from our trip, the weather was still fine. It was cloudy all morning, and a bit breezy at times, but no rain or gusts or anything. But the wind was definitely starting to pick up a bit around 11am. We all sat on the back porch, and since T had recently secured all loose items, there really wasn't much out there except the sofa and coffee table (usually there are mounds of toys everywhere).

But there was a giant bubble wand.

To our delight, as soon as I took the wand out of the liquid, a gust of wind blew hundreds of bubbles from it. Well, not hundreds, but about two dozen. It was a huge improvement from having to wave your arm around to get bubbles. Neither T nor I is particularly fond of that, it seems you always wave the wand too fast or too slow, and it's tricky to get good bubbles. But today it was easy-- just dip the wand then hold it up and wait for the wind. And when a gust came through, you got waaaay more bubbles than you'd ever get manually.

W was delighted, and chasing bubbles all over the porch occupied him for some time. While T and I got to just sit around and relax. All I had to do was dip and hold, dip and hold. We called them Hurricane Bubbles. Rather than hearing a refrain of "afraid hurricane", we got to hear "hurricane fun". That's my boy!

The rain started around 1:30pm, but it's nothing too dramatic at this point. I think the worst of the storm is supposed to hit here later this evening.

We've got all our emergency water now (two bathtubs for hygiene, about 8 gallons for drinking, and two sinks for cleaning). We have the animated Madagascar 2 from Netflix, so I think we'll aim to watch that this afternoon. I'm hopeful the power won't go out until the storm is well underway, if it goes out at all. The lines to our home are underground, but it did go off for fourteen hours earlier this summer from a regular thunderstorm. It was off for six days during the last hurricane. But whatever the case will be, I think we're covered. We've also got bottled water, juice, sodas, V-8, etc. Plus wine, beer, and liquor. No matter how long we're stranded out here, I don't anticipate running out of drinks.

W has been blithely unconcerned about the storm so far. T and I are mostly concerned about our trees. It's difficult to watch them being blown around so much, but I haven't heard any come down yet. Of course the wind is not all that fast now, but it's sustained. It just keeps blowing, and blowing, for hours already. But the trees are in pretty good condition, we've had a wet summer so at least they're not weakened by drought. I predict if we do lose any then it will happen at the height of the storm, which will probably be in the dark, so we won't know the damage until tomorrow.