Not Wimpy About Rain

I'd like to raise my boys to not be wimpy about the weather, including rain. But to be effective, I realize I have to lead by example. So despite it starting to drizzle when we set out toward the mailbox, I decided to continue our walk. William and I were walking, Max was in the stroller.

I had to really encourage W to quit his lollygagging on the way up the hill since it was starting to rain harder, and we still had 3/4 of a mile to go. I don't know what finally clicked in his little head, but he did buck up and run up the hill. As a reward, I lifted him up so he could actually put the mail in the box (usually I just take it from him and put it in the box myself since he's too short to reach).

On the way back down the driveway, it was raining pretty hard. I had already put the sunshade up on the stroller so M wasn't getting rain in his face (which I did let him experience a little at first, but I stopped that before it got to the point of bothering him). But W and I had no protection. On the way up the hill, W kept saying, "raincoat raincoat", but he didn't seem to care on the way home. It's no wonder, since we were both soaked clear through by that point.

I was annoyed that it was raining so hard that my clothes and hair got soaked, but just kept thinking that I don't want any wimpy sons, so I can't be wimpy about it myself. And W seemed perfectly at ease walking home in the rain. Once we got home, we played out on the back porch until we dried off. I didn't bother rushing to get us out of wet clothes since it was plenty warm outside (although I did hustle us all quickly through the air-conditioned house, that would have been too cold in wet clothes).

That was pretty much the big activity for the day-- M was up every hour from 3am last night, just restless from all I could tell. I changed a lot of diapers. I've gotten the vague impression for the past week that he hasn't been feeling quite right, but he's doesn't appear to be sick, so maybe it's just a mild cold or something, I don't know. Maybe a growth spurt or something wearing him down. But after last night, I was really exhausted and had low energy today. T entertained W most of the day so I could rest with M. Although I didn't get too much rest since M was restless during the day also.

T went to a party around 3:30pm, he's been gone about 6 hours now. On the plus side, both boys were really easy to manage once he was gone. I got W to bed by 8pm. Easy-peasy. I really don't know what T does to get him all riled up before bed. I gave him his bath, told him "William Stories", read him a book, then turned on the lullabies. Done. While I wish *I* could run off and go to parties with my friends, I also think maybe I should encourage T to leave the house more often instead. Things are just so much calmer and more pleasant here when he's out of the house.