Back to Ballet

I went back to ballet class for the first time since May. I thought I would be stiffer and less flexible than I was. The way the teacher goes through the stretching in the beginning of class is just so good, she really gets us all limbered up gradually and relatively painlessly. . .

There are a bunch of new ladies in the beginner class this semester. I seem to be the only one from my original bunch that hasn't permanently advanced to the intermediate or advanced classes. Then again, I'm the only one from that original bunch who JUST HAD A BABY, so there's that.

I was pretty much bored with the review of basic positions that the teacher went through during this first class of the semester (and there will be many more classes of instruction to come). So I probably will switch to the intermediate class as soon as we've gone through the basic moves for a few weeks and I feel that I've got my balance back and everything. I was leaning back too far today-- I don't have to compensate for the baby up front anymore so I need to get used to the proper posture again.

Yeah, if I practice the routines here at home, I could probably just take one more week of the beginner class and move back up to intermediate for week 3.