Day 6 of 100-Day Challenge

I've made it nearly a week of the 100-day challenge. It's longer than I stick with some things, so I'm encouraged. Not that I've remembered to do my burpees every day-- I missed day 4. I actually remembered at some point in the evening, but just as I was about to start doing them W woke up and I had to go into his room, then I forgot about them. But I made them up tonight by doing 10.

I'm still doing totally modified burpees. Although now I can usually kick my legs back from the squatting position, so that's a start. I couldn't do even that the first two days. My push-ups are still pathetic, but I just do what I can, and I figure in time things will start to shape up.

I still can't quite manage getting my feet back to the squat from being in push-up position, but it certainly doesn't help that my knees are on the ground by the time I'm pushed-up, so I don't even know if it's physically possible to go from a knees-down position to a squat in one motion. It's certainly not physically possible for me, at any rate. And really if I had to get back into a plank position after the push-up, I don't think I'd even have made to Day 6. So I step back to the squat one leg at a time.

But I do jump all the way up from the squatting position now. I used to stand up, then jump. But now I can jump all the way up in one motion. I was so stiff the first day I tried all this, I really thought it would take longer to loosen up. So as weak as my form currently is, it's still more improvement than I had hoped for, and therefore encouraging.

Maybe if takes all 100 days just to develop the strength to do a single burpee in correct standard form, I'll do another hundred days right. But I'm getting quite a bit ahead of myself, aren't I? Let's just see if I can get through day 10 later this week.