Kicking the Workout Up A Notch

I've been trying to walk a mile with W, while wearing M in the wrap on most days of the week. I've been so successful with that, that it no longer really raises my heart rate at the speed W can walk. He walks really slowly, especially the last half mile.

So today, after timing it and realizing we had a 1 mile per hour pace, I decided to kick it up a notch.

For our afternoon walk, I wore W in a hiking backpack and pushed M in the stroller. I paused at the mailbox to determine if I could make it the whole mile or if I should stop at a half mile. But I decided a whole mile wasn't out of the question.

Not only could I walk the mile, I could do it fast enough to get my heart rate up (and not spend an hour of my life walking just one mile). I felt pretty commando carrying that big pack full of toddler and pushing the stroller over gravel.

So I walked two miles in total today, one carrying a baby, the other a toddler. I think going forward I'll just carry the toddler and go for longer distances in a single trip. I'll start with the single mile until my muscles adjust. It's a much fuller body workout wearing a 32 lb toddler versus just the 13 lb infant. Maybe at some point I'll figure out how to wear W on my back and M in front, but for now I'll just stick with the stroller until my muscles adjust to the backpack.

I figure I'll aim to work up to four miles in about 75 minutes. If I was just walking I'd aim for a 4 mph pace, but I'm afraid with the stroller and backpack I'd wind up twisting my ankle in the gravel if I tried to move that fast. I guess time will tell.

But I figure that's probably months away. I'll work on the mile all this week, just to get warmed up so I don't hurt my back being too ambitious too soon. I'll post a photo at some point-- T will have to take the picture, I don't think I move fast enough with W on my back to use the self-timer. . .