The Banality of My Life & 1.5 Miles

Most of the time I scan through other blogs and feel fine about my own. But today I came across The Bloggess through a friend's fb link to her post about the 5' metal chicken she bought after her husband told her not to buy new bath towels (it was her post on June 21, 2011 if you're interested, I laughed a lot while reading it).

Now that woman seems to be living an interesting life! Mine is fantastically banal compared to that. T and I sometimes wonder to each other how we went from having such a great and fancy life to this, our life as boring parents to two kids. It's not that we don't LIKE being boring parents to two kids, in fact I'm pretty darn contented with my life right now. It's just that for so many years of being unable to have kids and living our lives accordingly we never really expected to be where we are now.

I guess one consolation is that Bloggess's daughter is 6 years old. I hear that parenting gets a little easier once the kids are past the infant/toddler stage. So maybe I'll have time to be an interesting person at some point a few years in the future. For now, what you read is what you get. I'm not holding back on you, I'm pretty sure my life is as dull as obsessing about laundry and my daily workout.

And with that let me segue into my latest triumph. A full 1.5 miles carrying W on my back while pushing M in the stroller. Again I woke up with no muscle aches, therefore setting the stage for a further walk today. Although I walked farther than yesterday, I walked with less vigor. But I'll attribute that to the heat-- it was quite warm out and I felt a little wilted under my pack.

If anything, I think I feel less sore tonight after the longer distance than I did last night after walking a shorter distance. My body is adjusting more quickly than I anticipated. I sincerely hope that this does not mean that I will be unable to amp up my weight loss with this regimen. That is really the point of it. I don't feel the need to increase my fitness level to the point where I could carry my own children to the hospital in an anarchic situation where for some reason I didn't have access to a car. I just want to be thin and attractive. If I get fit, it's completely a side-effect to which I am indifferent.

I'll probably take tomorrow off since I have both baby yoga in the morning and ballet in the evening (or maybe not, we'll see how much free time I have in the afternoon). But I figure the next time I go out I might as try a full 2 miles. I do make W wear his shoes, in case I have an incident or something where I pull a muscle or twist my ankle or something that he could walk home if necessary. But I'm afraid I'm just so naturally robust that it's going to take a bit of effort to strain my body enough to boost my metabolism sufficiently to lose weight.

On the one hand, I guess my very efficient body is good for survivalist purposes, but on the other hand, it's a nuisance for me in this era of abundance. But I am curious to find out how much exercise it's going to take to wear me out. I also did 9 modified burpees tonight. Tomorrow I'll have finished the first 10% of my 100-day challenge. . .