Max's Third Month

Max turned three months old today, and since his baby book doesn't have a month-by-month entry system, I'm using my blog to remember what he did each month.

At the beginning of his third month, I decided he looked big and/or old enough that I usually put him in pants when we went out instead of just a onesie.

He first giggled on August 22, and he survived his first earthquake on 8/23. In fact he slept through the earthquake; he was in his stroller in the dining room at the time. Max was 10 weeks old when he rolled front-to-back on 8/28.

When Max turned 12 weeks old on 9/10/11, he weighed 13 lbs 4 oz, and was 25.5 inches long.

This month was the first month that M wasn't always content to just be by my side. Sometimes he fussed and needed a change of scenery. Sometimes he wanted to stand up (supported, but he could bear his own weight while I held his hands). He likes to ride in the stroller on our walks.

He continues to be fascinated by the cow on his bouncer, but on Thursday 9/15 he took that to a new level, and actually pulled the string on the bottom of the toy that makes it play music! If only all milestones were accompanied by song at the moment they first happened I probably wouldn't miss so many! I was in the closet with W when I heard the music coming from the bouncer, and since neither W nor I had turned it on, it must have been Max. Sure enough, when I went to check on him, he was gripping the pull ring in his little hand and staring agape at the musical cow. I'm not sure he understood that he caused the music to play, but he certainly made it happen regardless.

Except for the slight increase in his need for variety and stimulation, M remains an essentially happy baby. He's always full of smiles and joy. He also started using the active bouncer (as opposed to the plain seat) where he happily jumps about with his feet and spins the toys with his hands. He especially likes the blue frog spinner on the rainforest bouncer we keep in the kitchen.