Top 5 in Recent Tournament

I placed 5th in the latest online tournament (the 5/13 "Turn It Up Tuesday") which is my best performance to date. The song list included "Raining Blood", the one song I haven't been able to fully complete. But I took a chance that I would nevertheless still outscore many other GH rockers on it, and my hunch was correct. There was a wide point-spread for this tournament, the first place player got 579,909 points, which was over 5,000 points higher than 2nd place, and 25,000 points higher than my score. My score was over 12,000 points higher than the player in 6th.

I'm not sure why I wasn't able to register for the Wednesday tournament, but I think I'm signed up for Thursday. If I FC (that's guitar hero lingo for "fully complete", that means hitting 100% of the notes right and getting your gold stars for a song) the game on medium before I've won a tournament on easy, I think I'll give that up and move on to medium. A lot of the top players haven't won any tournaments. I think there is an element of luck on who bothered to enter any particular tournament, plus if you happen to have a round where you've squeezed extra points just right, etc.

I've moved up to 78th place in the Easy Career category. Only 28 more people to beat to reach my goal of being top 50. I'll need another 47,000 points. I've got eight songs done within 1,000 points of first place, so I'm considering those songs "done". Those last couple hundred points come from split-second timing on your star power activations, and I'm not going to play the songs over and over on the chance of hitting it exactly right. I'm going to focus on the songs that are >5,000 points off the lead. In those cases, (except for Raining Blood) I'm hitting 100% of the notes right, and using the best activations per But since the spread is so far different, it tells me that there are better star power activation paths that are NOT published on that site. Fortunately, I've found the site of some guy who has run the theoretical calculations for each song to show the definitive best path--better yet, his site shows what the scores should be for each of the various activations one might choose, in case there's some reason you can't hit the very best one while playing.