3.5 Miles Did Me In

So today was the first day I woke up with some lingering muscle aches, after my 3.5 mile walk yesterday. So I didn't go further today. In fact, I only walked 3 mi carrying W, but mostly because I was walking with one of my neighbors and she brought an old dog with a bad hip and I felt bad for the dog, it was starting to slow down, and we weren't walking that fast to begin with. But 3 mi was probably the right distance for me to do today anyway, since I had to be fit for ballet this evening.

Whew, the intermediate class is even harder this semester than I remembered. I think because this semester it seems to be all advanced students who are also taking the intermediate class, and the teacher generally adapts the class for the students each semester. But she told me that it's definitely the right class for me to be in (I was struggling a bit with the complexity of some of the routines tonight), and I should hang in there. I told her I was sure I'd get the hang of it in a few weeks.

The plus side of the class is that there is a lot of dancing. The beginner class is pretty much all stretching and technique exercises. But in this intermediate class there's not only more interesting barre routines, but two different routines we're learning-- one with balances and tombes (forgive my lack of accents, I can't be bothered figuring out how to get them to post) we do in the center of the room, and a hornpipe routine (Irish dancing) we do across the floor. The hornpipe routine is really cute. I'll try to remember it so I can practice it in the yard this week. If I get it down, you bet I'll make a video. . .