Made It Through 13 Days

Well, I made it through 13 days of the 100-day challenge. On Day 14, I walked 3.0 miles carrying W, got home from that just in time to stretch then make lunch before naptime, then went directly to music class (with more de facto exercise since we're doing a lot of standing up and sitting down and carrying the kids around the room). The music class ended with just enough time for me to get home and cook dinner before heading back into Crozet for the ballet class. When I got back from that, it was time for me to nurse Max and put William to bed.

And then I didn't feel like doing the burpees. Of course, there is a built-in solution for those days you don't do your burpees, you make them up at some point in the future. But I'm still running a deficit for Day 12 when I just forgot (although I made up 2 on day 13).

So here it is on Day 15 and I'm faced with doing 15 burpees, plus 14 from yesterday, plus 10 from day 12. And I'm giving up. As slow as I do the modified burpees, it's starting to take a bit of time to do more than 10. Maybe if I was just pumping out sets of 10 in a row with good form I'd stick with it longer. But I was doing sets of 2.

But I will give myself a tiny pat on the back for sticking with it for nearly two weeks. It was obviously more ambitious than the walking-while-carrying-a-toddler plan, but I didn't foresee that.

Instead, I'll come up with some other exercise to try to do daily. I just ordered a book with exercises specifically for postpartum women-- it addresses all kinds of things like spinal alignment and the repositioning of organs and stuff. I'll wait until I get that book-- when I read about the book I was surprised to find that many "common" exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, triceps extensions, etc. are actually counter-productive for optimal postpartum recovery. The women who wrote reviews of the book seemed to like the variety of exercises in this book versus others, and also noticed results after only a few weeks. And although the nurse who is the author says that it's most helpful to start right after birth, she did note that it's never too late to correct your body, it just might take a little longer once things have set into position. But since apparently the hormones are still keeping my ligaments and stuff loose for six months past birth, I'm hopeful that starting these exercises (whatever they are) within that window should still be quite helpful. And from a postpartum forum where I was reading info and found out about the book, I was encouraged to read some older moms posting that several months postpartum they were despairing that their bodies had just set in unattractive ways but by the time a year had passed they were in better shape. So they didn't really "set" until a year out. So I'll do my exercises and work on my patience, as well.

By the way, I've now carried W 15 miles.