NOT One Pound Per Week

So much for my plan to lose one pound per week. When I made that post on 8/14, I had lost one pound per week for the previous four weeks. Since then, I've fluctuated within that four pound range for over a month. This, despite having carried my toddler over 21 miles now in pursuit of weight-loss.

When I see the doctor for M's 4-month appt next month, I'll ask him what sort of calorie-restrictions are safe for nursing mothers. The increase in exercise doesn't seem to be doing it for me.

Although I'm pretty sure I'm stronger. I got a compression girdle last week in an effort to tame the belly pouch, and so far I do think it's helping. And it really has been helping with the exercise-- it seems much easier to carry the backpack and is certainly more comfortable when I hike while wearing the girdle. The only uncomfortable part is where the boning hits me on the sides; I should probably come up with some fleece padding to use there. Anyway, I'm actually able to walk pretty fast while wearing the girdle since I'm not using so much energy to keep my core stable. And with the faster pace I'm able to get my heart rate up a bit. The reason I think I'm getting stronger is because at first my heart rate would be up just walking slowly, but now I really have to move faster in order to raise my heart rate.

Still, I'd rather be thin. According to the height/weight tables I'm beyond "overweight" and in the "obese" category. Which is depressing. I don't feel like I'm obese, but that's how it starts, doesn't it? You don't feel as if you're too big, and then before you know it you're big as a house and wearing caftans. So I'm trying to lose some weight, but I guess I'll have to try harder.