Will & Max's First Football Game!

I got an email earlier in the week that there were a few tickets available for today's game in the seats reserved by my old employer. So I requested them, and got them! My friends Jeff & Nikki were away this weekend, but still let us tailgate at their house (they live near the stadium)-- I used to go over there for every home game when we first bought the farm and T was up in NYC while I was down here by myself.

Will felt a bit overwhelmed by the noise and crowds at first, but we anticipated that. I tried to get him psyched up for the game ever since I picked up the tix on Wednesday, but I don't think he comprehended just HOW many people would be there, and exactly HOW loud it would be, despite my trying to explain it to him every day so he'd be prepared.

Cotton candy to the rescue. Once he was eating the sugary fluff he wasn't as worried about the crowds or noise.

I wore Max in my baby wrap for much of the game, although it was pretty warm out so I did take him out and let him sit in my lap the rest of the time.

I couldn't find any UVA onesies in M's size, but luckily I have plain orange and blue onesies for him (thanks to grandma!) so I popped him in one of those and put a sticker on his head. He got many compliments on his team spirit as we walked through the stadium. And M was all smiles and happiness, as usual, so he seemed to be having a great time at the game.

W got a slightly larger sticker. He's still such a serious little boy-- I remember even when he was a newborn he was always just so serious! But he observes things closely, and usually lightens up after he's done an activity several times and is more familiar with it. I'm sure if we had season tickets, he'd be all gung-ho about it by the third game.