Scale Gone Wonky?

Now I'm confused. I've been losing and gaining the same four pounds for months now, and yesterday I stepped on the scale in the evening to see that I lost six pounds since the night before.


T said I looked the same weight as I did yesterday. I find it hard to believe, too. But I stepped on the scale this morning, and the weight is still gone.

It's a digital scale, so there are no adjustment wheels that could've gotten moved. I suppose it's possible that the batteries are going, but I would think that it's more likely to have the effect of making the numbers on the readout start to fade out rather than making the weight inaccurate.

Now, I can fluctuate up to two pounds just from going to the bathroom and breastfeeding, so of course on Sundays (my "official" weigh-in day) I step on the scale several times during the day and take the lowest measurement. So the six pounds supposedly lost during the day on Monday was off my LOWEST weight on Sunday, not the highest weight.

Because of all the rain, I've actually cut down on the length and intensity of workouts (1 mile in the rain with a backpack is quite enough-- although M stays dry in the stroller, both W and I get soaked, although W at least doesn't seem to mind).

So my first theory about the mysterious lump of weight lost is that something's gone wrong with the scale. But if the scale is correct, then here's my next theory:

That my body has been holding onto its "reserves" since the birth, as insurance against times of famine, etc. And all the intensive walking I was doing tricked my body into thinking that I was migrating due to some natural disaster or something. And when I stopped the intensive hiking for a few days, my body figured the emergency was over, and it could release its food stores.

My third theory is that my body released its hold on my fat stores because I ate a lot of cookies. I have been more or less diligently avoiding sugary foods in this effort to lose weight. But I bought two boxes of cookies to take to the tailgate on Saturday (and not the bad cookies I keep in the house that I won't eat, these were delicious cookies), and there were leftover cookies on Sunday, and I was discouraged by the 1-lb of weight gain that I measured that day, so I ate, well, many cookies. I guess subconsciously figuring if I was going to gain weight, I might as well eat cookies while doing it.

But ironically, perhaps my body interpreted the influx of sugary goodness that my time of "famine" was over (which is a stretch, since I haven't been limiting my calories, just avoiding sugar) and the cookies signaled that there was plenty of food in the house for feasting and thus my body released some fat stores for use.

I really don't know. But I think I will eat some more cookies today and see if I lose another chunk of weight. . .