Knees Gone Wonky?

I cut my walk short today and only finished two miles instead of three, because my knees just didn't feel quite right.

There was a clicking sound in my left knee when I walked up the stairs that appeared soon after M was born, but that went away a week or so after it started, and I haven't had any issues since then.

Until today.

But it was my right knee this time. It didn't hurt at all, and I don't think it was making any noise (no noise I could hear over ambient noise on our walk). But for some reason I just thought that it didn't feel as strong as it usually does, or maybe it felt weak or something. Now that I'm sitting at home I'm flexing it as I type, and I can hear a little bit of a clicking sound.

I'm not sure if anything precipitated this, but if I had to guess it would be yesterday's fast descent down the driveway at the end of our walk-- we took a "family walk" (T joined us) and stayed out a little later than usual so M got hungry. So T pushed the stroller and I carried W in the backpack down the driveway fast since M was crying. And I know that walking downhill is harder on the knees than walking up hill, so maybe the little extra bit of speed there was enough to wear out my knees more than usual.

But I figure it'll go away on its own like the postpartum knee thing did. I'll just take it easy for a few days, maybe even cut down to a 1 mile walk til the knee feels strong again. I might skip tomorrow entirely since we have baby yoga in the morning, and that's a light workout.

I got on the scale again today, and it's still in that lower range. So I'm thinking maybe the scale is right, because I'm still floating around in a 4-pound range, but now the range is 2 lbs lower than before. In which case it took me a few months to lose 2 lbs instead of the few weeks I was hoping for, but I'll take what I can get.

I did take heart from reading a note in the back of my new postpartum-exercise book; the trainer who wrote the book mentioned that in all her years of training postpartum women, only five or six got back to their pre-baby weight within three or four months. Most took longer. And nursing actually delays the process-- despite the much-touted extra calories you are burning from making milk, the body refuses to release extra fat so you can continue to feed the baby even if you stop eating yourself.

Even then, I think your body leaches minerals and nutrients from your bones and blood and stuff before it starts using the fat, so it's bad for your body to not eat enough to support the nursing. Not that I'm at any risk of that-- I did have a few more cookies to test my "abundant sugar" theory of mysterious weight-loss, but I did not lose an additional six pounds last night, so I guess that theory was too good to be true (as I suspected, of course, but it was worth a test).