Max Took His First Bottle

I've got a charity luncheon to attend next week, so I started pumping milk for Max this morning. T tried to get him to take the bottle at the next feed, but he wouldn't take it from T. I gave it to him, and after some initial confusion and a priceless look of surprise on his face when he actually tasted milk coming from the new contraption (the bottle), he drank the milk.

I guess T will have to try again in the coming days, so that when I leave M with him, he'll be able to feed the baby if he gets hungry. I'll nurse M before I leave, so it's possible that he won't even need a bottle while I'm gone, but it's more likely that he will be hungry before I can come home.

I considered just bringing M with me, but there will be a presentation, etc., and although M is generally very quiet when I take him out, sometimes he fusses. His level of fussing is barely noticeable in a busy restaurant, but I'm afraid it would stand out in a room full of well-mannered middle-aged philanthropists.

It's a good idea for M to learn to drink from a bottle anyway-- it will be reassuring if I have a little milk stored in the freezer and M can take a bottle just in case of emergency. And I suppose I'm not opposed to leaving him with a sitter for a few hours so T and I can get out to dinner by ourselves. It has been some months since we've done that.