Exhausted From Driving

I expected to go to Richmond to help my sister with her new babies, but she called and said she had friends over to help her and suggested I drive to Sterling with my truck and help my parents move stuff to their home in Richmond. So that's what I did.

2 hours 45 min drive from Crozet to Sterling, spent about 2 hours loading the truck, then another 2.5 hours driving to Richmond. I didn't feel like unloading it all myself (a lot of the items are too heavy for me to unload by myself anyway), and Richard won't be able to help until tomorrow morning. So I moved a bunch of stuff around in my parent's garage until I could back the truckbed into the garage (they've got the garage so full of stuff that I couldn't back the truck all the way in even if I moved everything I could) since the cap isn't on the truck and I'm afraid it might rain overnight.

I don't understand why my parents still have so much stuff in their old house--they're selling it and the walk-through and closing are scheduled for this Friday. And what's worse, now that I'm in their new place, I don't understand why they moved so much junk into the new place.

For example, on the kitchen counter is a set of hot-rollers from the 1970s. Is my mother planning on growing her hair out long enough to use those curlers again? Does she think any of us are going to want to use antiquated hot-curlers to style our hair when we're here visiting for holidays?

And there was a bike in the garage. Who is going to ride a bike? My 300-lb father? My mother with a bad hip? I thought, heck, I'll ride the bike. I filled up the tires as best I could, but when I went to test the bike the foam on the handlebars is all dry-rotted as is the rubber on the brakes so the brakes don't work. It needs a trip to the bike shop before it's safe for anyone to ride. I moved the bike from the garage to the shed--how much do you want to bet it's still there untouched five years from now?

And how about this, my mother moved down the food dehydrator machine she hasn't used since the 1970s. What, she's going to dehydrate food in her retirement? For the coming apocalypse? In case all the grocery stores in Richmond stop carrying pre-dried fruit, and she just has to have some? She's going to spend her retirement unpacking and trying to find places to store all the stuff she brought into the house that she's never going to use, THAT's what she's going to do in her retirement.

I didn't move any more than the bare minimum when I bought my new house, and when we sell the NJ condo I'm not going to bring anything down to the house that I don't know exactly where I'm going to put it.

We're going to put the projector in my office upstairs since it's got a nice sofa and a bare wall. The bed and dresser will go to the master bedroom, the giant bean-bag chairs will go on the front porch for use in the yard. The laptop stand will go in my office. We'll get rid of the chipped everyday plates we've been using in VA and use the nicer set from NJ. I think I will keep the extra coffeemaker and put that in the bedroom. Yes, Terry and I are both that lazy that we want our coffee in bed in the morning without having to walk all the way downstairs. Since we're living in a house with a bedroom the size of a large studio apartment, why not indulge ourselves?

Let me think, what else do we have in the apartment? Two cool vertical stacking bookshelves. They're kind of hard to explain, but they only take 1 sq ft of floor space each. I think I'll put them in the bedroom, we've got books all over the place since our nightstands are too small to use as bookshelves. The little gooseneck lamp will go in the bedroom (currently we have no bedroom furniture in VA except the bed and 2 nightstands, which is why the room needs some more furnishings). The white cabinets I'm not sure. I'll measure them. If they won't fit in either my office or the laundry room I'll probably sell them. Selling the computer desk. Putting the track lights in the laundry room. The shelving units will against the back wall in the right side of the garage where things are just currently stacked in boxes up from the floor--that's a nuisance if I need anything not in the top box.