Sick Leave

Poor M has had a little cold for well over a week now, possibly two weeks. I felt so bad for him not being able to get over it I kept wondering why I didn't catch it myself so he could get my antibodies through the breast milk.

Well after squeegeeing out his nose all this time, I finally caught the bug myself. And I think W and T also have M's cold now, too. It's mild, I think we all basically feel fine, it's just that our noses are running. So I decided to take a sick day and keep us all home instead of going to church.

If it was just me, I'd probably have gone on to church, but now that I have kids I'm more cognizant of how easy it is to catch (or transmit) something. W for one has his grubby little hands on everything within a 5' radius when we're at church-- the pews, the kneeler, the chairs, the floor, the hymnal, you name it. M and I are far less likely to pass on our germs.

I made some chicken soup to have with our lunch, and M and I had a nice long nap this afternoon. I'll take some EmergenC and elderberry supplements for a few days and see if I can't get over this cold and thus help M recover, too.