Libertarian From Birth

Both T and I came to libertarianism late in life (or at least, late in our lives to-date). Our favorite character on television right now is Ron Swanson (on Parks & Rec), who is our libertarian hero. He battles government spending from within, and makes sure his department (and as many others as he can help) don't spend their budgets, and certainly don't get budget increases. He also loves guns, hunting, fishing, property rights, gold.

In last week's episode they showed Ron's mother for the first time, and she was even MORE libertarian than Ron. T and I looked at each other as the lightbulb went on in each of our heads simultaneously-- although we are recent converts to libertarianism, we can raise our children as libertarians from birth!

They can grow up with and internalize a sense that big government is bad government, and any government intrusions into personal liberty should be opposed.

It's easy to see why my parents couldn't have raised me libertarian-- they both employed by the government, so big government worked in their favor. And T was from New York, and self-reliance really isn't the culture up there, the tendency is definitely to believe that the government can decide what people should and shouldn't do better than the people can decide for themselves. It drove me bats when I was living up there how prevalent that attitude was, that "most" people were so stupid they couldn't take care of themselves and so the state should nanny them. Of course, the people in my peer group with these attitudes never thought they should be dictated to, it was just others that needed to be guided by the government. Maddening.

Anyway, the main point of the post is not a rant against the status quo (although it boggles my mind how few people understand what libertarianism is all about), but a post with a bright and shining hope for the future that W and M can change the world if they start young enough. . .