My First Time Away From Max

Today was the first time I stayed away from Max long enough to miss a feeding. I went to the Women United in Philanthropy annual luncheon with one of my friends also in the group.

I had to plan well in advance to be able to attend-- I've been pumping for days now to make sure I had enough for M while I was gone.

I was very happy when I tried on my one nice large-sized dress (I got it for W's baptism two years ago) and it fit! I wasn't able to wear it to M's baptism a few months ago, so I was very happy to wear it now. It dawned on me that it was probably pretty likely that I wore this same dress to the luncheon last year, but I figured if I couldn't exactly remember myself, how would anyone else possibly remember? To be safe, I wore different accessories than I usually wear with it, just in case someone does have a long-term photographic memory than at least I wouldn't be in the entirely same outfit as last year.

I remembered to wear nursing pads, too, which is a good thing since I felt my milk let down towards the end of the lunch. . . That's one of the many things I'm doing better with M than I did with W, just having more of an awareness of what I need to prepare for in different situations.

The boys did fine with T, although before I left the house (while T was supposed to be watching W), T did warn me that, "William just cut up his bedsheets with scissors, but don't worry about that now I'm sure you can deal with it when you get back." I asked T how W managed to 1) find scissors and 2) cut up his sheets while T was watching him. T said he "didn't know when it happened, it could have been last night."

Um, yeah, right.

T repeatedly fails to understand that when I ask him to watch his children for a few minutes for me, I need him to LITERALLY watch them. As in, keep them within eyesight at all times. When I go to the bathroom, I make them come in the room with me. When I cook, they have to not only be in the kitchen, but where I can see them in the kitchen. When I lie down for a nap and my eyes are closed, I maintain physical contact with both kids until I wake up and can open my eyes and watch them again.

Regardless, I'm sure I'll be able to mend the sheets with some needle and thread. I have yet to assess the damage, I'll deal with it tomorrow. T managed to keep them safe the rest of the day, and I had time in the afternoon to get W to clean up his playroom before dinner, so everything's fine.