Max's First Swing Ride

I heard that M had his first ride on a baby swing today. T took the boys to a nearby park while I went to lunch with a friend.

T said he just put M in the swing, but didn't push him, he just gently blew around in the wind. But he said that M seemed to enjoy it quite a bit.

I said it would be M's first time in a swing, since I hadn't put him in a swing yet myself, but I agreed he probably had enough stability to sit in the swing if it wasn't moving much. Fortunately T said he did take a photo; he must have used his phone since I don't think he has a camera. I haven't seen the photo.

I was a little put out that M had one of his "firsts" without me. But then I considered that T misses the vast majority of the "firsts" that I get to witness, so I was glad that he got to see how excited M was his first time in the swing. Seriously, T misses a lot of "firsts" but I don't tell him about them, so that when he notices a new skill of M's he gets all excited and runs to tell me. But then I admit that M has been doing x for sometimes days already by the time T notices. Then T gets disappointed, but he still had the excitement of thinking he was witnessing a "first". But I think it's still valid, if it's the first time someone has seen that baby do something. Since really M does stuff and there's no way for me to be sure it is the very first time he's done something, or just the first time I've seen him do something. So the milestones are always the first time the parents notice the behavior/skill. Like the proverbial tree falling in the forest, if a baby's first smile is when the parents are sleeping, that won't be the date in the baby book.

So whenever I take M to the park and decide to put him in the swing myself, and that's the first time I see him in the swing, then that'll just have to be his "first" swing ride for me. Although I'll put T's date in the baby book since he did tell me about it. . .