Kicking It Up A Notch

It's been 3.5 weeks since I started carrying W in the backpack while I pushed M in the stroller. I haven't lost any weight from this, although it's difficult to tell if I'm losing weight or not because either my scale is wrong or I'm fluctuating wildly.

But today I was curious to see if I could kick it up a notch by carrying BOTH my sons on my daily constitutional. My goodness they seemed heavy at first, and going up that hill on my driveway. But I made it over to my neighbor's, and she joined me for the remainder of the walk, and my total distance wound up being somewhat over 2 miles (it would have been 2 miles but add in the trip down and back my neighbor's driveway, so maybe another 1/4 mile total, I'm not sure how long her drive is exactly). By the end of the walk, they didn't seem to be unbearably heavy. But it's definitely harder than carrying W and pushing M in the stroller.

Now that I'm working on carrying over 45 pounds for several miles, I wonder if this would even theoretically help weight-loss. Meaning I suspect that this is closer to the sort of training that those giant men who toss tree trunks for distance engage in rather than what lithe ballerinas do to cross-train. And my goal is not to be able to toss tree trunks around. But physically confining both kids, either in packs or strollers is the only way I can think of to work exercise into the day, so if I'm going to exercise, this is what I can do.

Even stretching is difficult while watching W-- when my head is down I can't see what he's doing, and he will strategically wait until my head is at my knees to run off and get into trouble. Still, most days I do get my stretching in after the walk. It's just easier when T is able to watch W at that time. M just looks up at me from the mat, so he's no problem.