I'm still a fan of the site MyShape, but I was just shocked by a price differential. I checked there first to see if they had a dress I could wear to a wedding this weekend, and while I saw some that would be ok I didn't see anything I just *had* to have. I'm in Richmond near the Short Pump mall, so I checked the website for Nordstrom and saw the same dress that was on MyShape, but for $268 instead of the $384 that MyShape is charging. That's $116 more expensive at MyShape! That's huge.

It's also confirmation of my initial feeling that they were overpriced and why I've always waited for the clothes to go on sale before I buy anything at MyShape. When the dress gets to 70% off, then it's a good deal. I'm still going to shop at MyShape, it's really convenient, but now I will ALWAYS wait until items are marked down before I order anything.

To that end, I just got an email to use code SUMMER15 to get 15% off your order through Sunday.