First Party In A While

A friend of ours who makes hard cider throws parties regularly, and we used to go regularly, up until W was about 6 months old. After that we couldn't really keep him out late, he'd get fussy if he wasn't home in bed. The cider parties are often around happy hour on a weeknight-- which previously was no problem for us, but now we generally have to start heading home by 7pm at the latest, and that's if W has already had dinner-- we need to leave earlier if we have to feed him at home.

But today he started the party at 3pm. Yahoo! I took the boys to church last night so we all could be fresh for the party today (forget about a late afternoon event if there has been some big activity in the morning). We awoke from our naps a little after three, and arrived at the party around 4:30 or so. W was the only kid there for a little while, but soon others arrived for him to play with.

There's always someone interesting to meet at K's parties. Tonight we met a nice couple (although without kids) who have a weekend place out near T's friend S's farm. Hopefully we'll be able to get together with them for dinner sometime. I might offer to host, it's just easier for us to do dinner here. One of us has to abandon our guests to get the kids to sleep, but once they're out we can have a nice relaxed evening. If we go out, lunch can be problematic since we have to hurry home for naps, the same as dinner-- we can have a nice visit if we meet up at 4pm, but that's too early for most people without toddlers. And if we meet at 6 we can't stay for more than an hour to hour and a half before it's time to bring W home.

Since M isn't on solid foods yet and can't have cow's milk until next summer, I'd have to pump milk in order to leave him with a sitter, and it's just rarely worth it to me. Since I've already been through the baby thing with W, I have more realistic expectations of what is easy vs. not-easy to do with an infant. With W, we tried everything and discovered that many things we found fun and easy as a childless couple became pretty difficult once we had a baby in tow (or with a sitter, depending). But I'm glad we tried, because now we know our limits. Besides, since I've been continually nursing or pregnant for over three years now, I'm starting to forget what life was like pre-kids. I haven't forgotten in an intellectual way, of course I remember, but it's the sort of thing that I no longer catch myself wanting to go to a happy hour with friends and am prohibited by my child situation. Non-child-related events just don't occur to me very often anymore, so it's less of an imposition to not attend any.

What will be strange will be when I can wear regular bras (without the little nursing clips) and dresses again. Hopefully by the time M is weaned I'll be small enough to fit into regular sizes and can update my wardrobe a bit. I'm pretty heavy on the separates now (it's hard to nurse in a dress), and of course stretch knits. Nothing but knits due my wildly fluctuating weight. Over five pounds during the course of the day some days. But not every day, as I'm finding out by my more constant weight-monitoring regimen.