Four Miles!

I finally fulfilled my original goal of carrying W four miles while pushing M in the stroller. It really doesn't feel much more difficult than the three mile walk, it just takes longer. I think it took just under 1.5 hours, but for some reason the first 1/2 mile took a full 15 minutes, which is longer than usual. I might have looked at my watch wrong, since the next 1/2 mile only took 10 minutes.

Now I'm wondering if my next goal should be to carry W for FIVE miles while pushing M, or to carry BOTH boys for three miles or more. I guess the order doesn't matter, it's likely I'll accomplish both at some point.

I did the four miles today because I was feeling rested from taking yesterday off. I did carry M the entire time we were at the party, and I didn't sit down the whole time except for a few minutes to nurse, but seriously I don't even notice his weight when I carry him anymore. Also, the weather this morning was beautiful-- not too hot, not too cold, and the sky was sunny and blue. The only negative was that the road was dusty since we haven't had rain in a while, but the cars slowed way down when passing me, thus keeping the dust down to the extent possible.

I figure I'll just mix up all the different exercise permutations from here on out. I'll walk different distances and carry the boys in different combinations. I would probably do W some good to get his own exercise-- he used to walk 1/2 mile per day with me, but hasn't gotten much walking in since I started carrying him. Perhaps I'll take two walks on some days, and let W walk the shorter one.