Plus Another Mile

W didn't want to nap today, and I was feeling very tired this afternoon. He kept bugging me to go to Old Trail (there is a small playground there) in the Jeep, so I relented, figuring it would kill some time.

I was irritated because he fell asleep in the car! It's only a 15-minute trip. It was too late for him to be napping, so I woke him up and strapped him into the double-stroller. M was also asleep, but he's a baby so I don't care when he naps, but he also went into the stroller.

I pushed them for 1.1 miles. So my total today is over five miles, although I only carried W for 4 of them. Then I let W play at the playground before we went home. Hopefully he'll go to sleep early tonight.

I figure I might as well get in as much exercise as possible now while the weather is nice. I really am not sure what I'll do when it gets too cold to walk with the kids. I'll take them out if the weather is in the 40s, but not if it's in the 30s. At least not long enough to go on one of our walks when it's that cold, I'm sure I'd let them run around the yard for a few minutes if they wanted to go out.