Absolutely Nothing Except Two Books

Wow, I'm impressed with exactly how little I got done today.

I didn't cook. T made breakfast, I ate leftovers for lunch, and we went out to dinner.

I didn't clean (although this is not surprising).

I didn't exercise. There wasn't a break in the rain all day long, and I lacked energy since T & I stayed up late last night watching Mad Men on DVD.

I did read two books to W. I haven't really been reading books to him since I started exercising regularly. But since we were mostly just sitting around all day, it was easy to fit in some book-reading.

I guess I played piano a little bit in the morning, but then M started getting fussy so I had to be quiet to help him sleep. He's entering the phase where he can no longer sleep through anything. I was tired by that point, too, so I convinced W to have a "rest" with us out on the porch. M slept, but W and I just snuggled under the big blanket. Until he got bored and started pulling the stuffing out of the cushions of the sectional through places where the fabric was worn through. Then I made us all go back in the house.

I convinced W to eat a little lunch, even if it was just yogurt and goldfish. Then we all went upstairs for "official" naptime, and all three of us (M, W, and I) napped for over an hour.

I played a little Plants vs. Zombies for W to watch, although even that was cut short because M was too fussy. M is getting pretty particular lately, even wearing him in the sling isn't a sure-fire way to keep him happy. It'll be nice when he can actually sit up by himself because he'll be able to play with more stuff then. Now he mostly just flails and kicks wildly, all day long. I'm sure I'm bruised, since when I'm unmotivated I'll be too lazy to move so I just let him keep kicking me if I'm sitting next to him in bed or something. I actually do have red marks on my arm where he was chewing the other day. He's really into chewing lately, I hope this doesn't mean he's teething. I found it extremely convenient for nursing that W didn't come into his teeth until he was nearly a year old.

After we came home from dinner, I did muster a slight amount of motivation-- enough to film a few minutes of W running around the house in sneakers, and some footage of the blue bunny. This is what I'll use to make a video for the cover of the song I recorded last night. If T sends me the song, I'll make the video tonight and get that uploaded if I can.