I Should Have Known

Today there was a break in the rain, so I decided to take the boys for our regular walk. But W didn't want to go in the backpack. This is not unusual, sometimes I stuff him in there kicking and screaming, but he always calms down before I make it to the bottom of the driveway hill.

But I have been considering his LACK of exercise since I started carrying him, so I asked him if he'd keep up with me if I let him walk. He assured me he'd walk really fast.

So we set out, me pushing M in the stroller, and W walking. We actually made it to the mailbox without too much dawdling, so I had high hopes we'd make it to the end of the street and back home. At which point I'd just label that mile a "warm-up" and stick W in the backpack and head out again for a real workout.

However, W had other plans. He started playing in the puddles at the bottom of the hill on our road. I called him to catch up with me, and continued walking. But I made it up the hill and around a slight bend before I looked back and he wasn't behind me. I had to turn the stroller around and go back to the crest of the hill to see W still there at the bottom, jumping in the giant puddle, poking a stick in it, and other such boy stuff. Completely oblivious to the fact that he was playing in the middle of the road. Granted, it's a private road and he was at a point where only our house and one neighbor's was beyond it, but still. I should have known it would be impossible for him to focus enough to walk with me for a mile.

So I abandoned my plan to walk one mile as a warm-up, and decided to chalk up this time to just playtime. I stood around a bit while W played in that puddle, but then I did get tired of standing in the road, so I said we could go play at the pond. I figured we might as well, since his shoes were already soaked through (the puddle he was playing in is several inches deep over a pothole), and it would get us all out of the road. Pushing the stroller down and up the hill to the pond through very tall grass was a bit of extra workout, so I took that.

W had a grand old time playing around the beach, and I observed the wildlife. The tadpoles are still swimming, but they're bigger now. I didn't know it took them more than a few weeks to turn into frogs, but I guess I know now. I'm curious about this, I'll probably look up their life cycle at some point to find out exactly how long it's supposed to take. Although given my current lack of motivation I might just as well keep observing and just note in my head when they turn into frogs.

It took longer than I had hoped to convince W to head towards home with me when it started to rain again. So we wound up walking home from the pond in some fairly heavy rain. M stayed toasty warm and dry in his stroller, but W and I were pretty much soaked through. It was a warm day so it was fine, but I'm going to have to get some rain gear for us soon. I don't do well when I'm stuck in the house all day with the kids, so I'm just going to have to make plans to take them out to play in the rain, if a rainy day is all we have.